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Sheet Music


Now Thank We All Our God

Brass Quintet

A new arrangement of the hymn "Now Thank We All Our God" arranged for brass quintet.

Screenshot (35)_edited.jpg

Sweet Beulah Land

Two Trumpets and Orchestra

This arrangement of "Sweet Beulah Land" commissioned by the First Baptist Church of Pensacola is for trumpet duet with church orchestra. The orchestration is completely optional, and the arrangement can be played with just piano.


Irish Blessing

Piano and String Orchestra

"Irish Blessing" is a lovely piece perfect for weddings and is scored for piano and string orchestra.


A Quick Jaunt

Various Winds

"A Quick Jaunt" for sundry instruments is scored for Bb cornet, alto saxophone, euphonium, and baritone saxophone.

Quick Jaunt.png

Song to the Sea

Solo Flugelhorn

"Song to the Sea" is a multimedia work for flugelhorn designed to be accompanied by video and audio of crashing ocean waves.

Screen Shot 2022-11-04 at 11.58.21 AM.png

Drift King

Solo Trombone

"Drift King" was composed for trombonist Neil Collins. The piece employs advanced techniques such as trigger bisbigliando, flutter tonguing, and Doppler effects.

Screen Shot 2022-11-04 at 11.58.11 AM.png

Emerald Coast

Concert Band

"Emerald Coast" march was composed in 2022 by Jeff Henderson for the Pensacola Civic Band. It was premiered by the Pensacola Civic Band at the Pensacola Memorial Day concert on May 30th, 2022.


Into the Void

Brass Ensemble with Percussion

“Into the Void” for brass ensemble and percussion is an exciting piece full of adventure, drama, and heroism. Dr. Josh Mize, director of the Pensacola Christian College Brass Ensemble, commissioned the work for the Spring 2020 chamber concert. It is reminiscent of an epic sci-fi story and depicts a group of space travelers flying into the “void,” a great expanse of mystery and nothingness.

Void III.png

Black Sands

Symphony Orchestra

"Black Sands" for symphony orchestra is dedicated to the nearly 7,000 United States Servicemen who gave their lives at the Battle of Iwo Jima (1945). The volcano island of Iwo Jima has black sand on its beaches.

Black Sands.png

Air for Trumpet

Trumpet and Piano

"Air for Trumpet" was commissioned in 2021 for a graduate trumpet recital, and is a beautiful setting of the hymn tune "Hyfrydol." The composition begins in a pseudo-Baroque style, and gradually enters a mixed-meter setting of the original melody.

Air for Trumpet.png

First in Flight

Brass Ensemble with Percussion

This piece is commemorative of the 1903 powered flight by the Wright brothers at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, and is dedicated to the Summer Music Academy 2021 brass section.

First in Flight.png

A Dream Within a Dream

Unaccompanied Trumpet

"A Dream Within a Dream" for unaccompanied trumpet is a piece inspired by Edgar Allan Poe's poem of the same name.  This piece is scored to be played entirely with a solotone mute.

Screenshot (7).png

Blue Hour

Brass Quintet

Blue hour was written in April of 2021 for a student brass quintet at Pensacola Christian College, specifically to be entered in a school music competition. It is a reflective piece imitating the dark colors of “Blue Hour,” the time of day directly before sunrise or after sunset. Through the use of quintal and modal harmonies, the piece depicts the phenomenon where the sky and landscape take on a blue tint.

Screenshot (10).png

Fanfare for Social Distancing

Trumpet Quintet

"Fanfare for Social Distancing" was composed in 2020 by Jeff Henderson for the trumpet section for the Summer Music Academy.

Fanfare for Social.png

The Star-Spangled Banner

Brass Quintet

A new and reharmonized arrangement of the United Stated National Anthem, "The Star-Spangled Banner" for brass quintet.

Screenshot (33)_edited.jpg

Doolittle Memoirs

Trumpet, Percussion, and String Orchestra

"Doolittle Memoirs" was composed in 2022 in a collaboration with Pensacola Christian College for a history seminar about the Doolittle Raiders. It is scored for trumpet solo, percussion, and strings.


O Worship the King

Piccolo Trumpet and Piano

This arrangement of" O Worship the King" for piccolo trumpet in A and piano is a great arrangement for traditional or more contemporary worship services. The arrangement begins with a regal statement of the original hymn tune and ends with a piccolo trumpet obbligato over the original melody.

O Worship.png

Chronicle for Brass

Brass Ensemble and Percussion 

"Chronicle for Brass" was composed for the brass students of YOM's Summer Music Academy in 2022. It is scored for three trumpets, two horns, three trombones, euphonium, tuba, and percussion.


The Children of Nicholas

Brass Quintet

"The Children of Nicholas" is dedicated to the story of Sir Nicholas George Winton, a British banker who rescued 669 children from the Holocaust in the nine months preceding World War II.


The Granite State

Concert Band

"The Granite State" march was composed by Jeff Henderson in 2021 for the Temple Town Band, America's First Town Band. It was premiered at the Town of Temple Memorial Day ceremonies in 2022.

Granite State.png


Wind Quartet  

“Time” for four wind instruments was composed for the ensemble Emerald Winds based in Pensacola, Florida. It is Scored for clarinet, flugelhorn, bassoon, and baritone saxophone. 



Unaccompanied Tuba

“Triptych” for unaccompanied tuba is an advanced showpiece in three movements. The piece was commissioned in 2021 by Justin Ohman, and was premiered in March of 2022. 

Title Page_page-0001.jpg

Romance for Trombone

Trombone and Piano

This piece was commissioned for Neil Collins in 2021 for trombone and piano, and is an expressive and contemplative piece featuring the more delicate side of the trombone.


Little Rhapsody on Hamburg

Trumpet and Piano

"Little Rhapsody on Hamburg" was commissioned in 2021 for Julie Henderson's graduate trumpet recital, and is a beautiful setting of the hymn tune "Hamburg," used notably as the music for the hymn "When I Survey the Wondrous Cross."

Little Rhapsody.png

Melodia Per Trumpet

Unaccompanied Trumpet

"Melodia Per Trumpet" for unaccompanied trumpet is a rhythmic celebration of music. This piece includes some extended trumpet techniques such as flutter tonguing and slide glissandi.



Trumpet Quartet

"Fanfarra" was composed by Jeff Henderson in 2019 for the trumpet section of the YOM Camps Summer Music Academy.


Quartet for Life

Trumpet Quartet

"Quartet for Life" depicts three rural scenes from the composers life depicting growing up and reflection on the past.

Quartet II.png

Fantasia on New Britain

Trumpet and Organ

"Fantasia on New Britain" for trumpet and organ was composed by Jeff Henderson for his senior trumpet recital in October 2020. "New Britain" is the name of the tune that "Amazing Grace" was later set to. This arrangement contains a new countertheme, and an epic development section.

Fantasia in New Britain.png
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